Arp-scan Desired New Features

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This page contains a list of the desired features for future versions of arp-scan. Please add proposals for new features to the discussion page.

Features Implemented in SVN

The following features have been implemented in the SVN copy of arp-scan, but not yet formally released. Unfortunately the SVN version is not publicly available, but it may become available in the future.

No new features since the release of arp-scan 1.9 in July 2013.

Features on the To-Do List

The following features are on my To-Do list. This list comes from the TODO file, which is part of the arp-scan distribution.

  • Code tidy up: reduce the number of global variables.
  • Add support for win32 common link-layer implementation.
  • Add support for Token Ring.
  • Investigate response packets >60 bytes long. e.g. Windows 2003 Server and some Cisco.
  • Add XML output.
  • MPLS tag support.
  • Use the new libpcap 1.0 API functions pcap_create(), pcap_set_XXX(), pcap_activate() instead of the old pcap_open_live() once we can be sure that all supported OSes use libpcap 1.0 or later.
  • Use source_mac rather than interface_mac in the pcap filter, as suggested by Justin Keogh. This will allow arp-scan to receive packets with spoofed MAC source addresses.
  • Add support for Cisco ISL VLANs in addition to 802.1Q VLANs. Suggested by Daniel at commonexploits.